Daniel Pink: Let’s get rid of those old motivation myths

Current and relevant management knowledge regarding  motivation and engagement – really widely backed by science – and therefore part of our #mustread #mustsee list.

Daniel Pink crushes the outdated myth that motivation could be generated by money or payment equivalent. A bonus would just work in the case of physical labour but not in the environment of knowledge work. If you want motivation and engagement in the workforce today there’s a few cornerstones to look at, and according to Pink’s talk those are self-direction, mastery and purpose.

Dieses Video und das dazugehörige Buch “DRIVE” sind inzwischen Management Klassiker geworden und verdienen deshalb einen Eintrag in unserer Rubrik “Was wir lesen” – und somit weiterempfehlen.

Daniel Pink CC BY -SA 3.0 Dhpmccullought

Daniel Pink is linguist and earned a doctorate in law from Yale. He wrote several books e.g. DRIVE, to which this talk is related.

Read more about him on his Wikipedia page or on his website www.danpink.com.

Youtube provides quite a number of videos of his talks.

“The Surprising Truth Of What Really Motivates Us”:

Foto: “Danielpink2” by DhpmcculloughtOwn work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

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