This page is provided by the registered society

Excellence Research
Leonard-Bernstein-Str 8
1220 Vienna
Tel. +43 1 263 12 71
No office hours, open only upon prior appointment.
Email: info [@]

To be sure to reach us please use email only and allow time for the answer.
We cannot guarantee to attend the phone as this is an organization of volonteers.

Open Network Society
is a loose gathering of people interested to contribute to a sustainable development of society based on the idea that ideas and projects developed together will see greater chances to incorporate the knowledge of the many and to see better acceptance than imposed policies. Topics discussed and published mainly relate to the menu sections of this site.
Should you be interested to contribute please let us know by email. The organizers of the group will evaluate whether a contribution/participation is possible.
Please note that representatives of political parties in their official capacity

Information regarding the content on this site
The content of the articles on this site are the opinion and sole responsibility of the respective authors. This site and its provider do not take on any responsibility  in this respect.

Comments and contributions of knowledge and information are very welcome. Please note that the comment section is subject to approval as we will not allow rudeness and hatred on this site. Controversy is always fine, as long as it helps a topic to move forward, but a decent and respectful culture of discussion will be maintained on this site at all times. Comments will thus be approved if appropriate.

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